Music for dancing

Here are some songs you can dance to. Many top 40 pop songs fall into Latin or Rhythm categories.

Note that these songs are listed here for social dancing. For competitions, the official NDCA-approved tempi are indicated, in beats per minute (bpm). Some songs here may fall out of the official tempi.

American Smooth

Waltz (bronze 90-96 bpm, other 84-90 bpm)

Tango (bronze 120-128 bpm, other 120 bpm)

Foxtrot (bronze 120-136 bpm, other 120 bpm)

Viennese Waltz (bronze 162 bpm, other 162 bpm)

International Standard

Waltz (84 bpm)

Tango (128 bpm)

Viennese Waltz (168-174 bpm)

Foxtrot (112-120 bpm)

Quickstep (192-208 bpm)

American Rhythm

Chacha (bronze 120 bpm, other 120 bpm)

Rumba (bronze 128-144 bpm, other 128 bpm)

Swing (bronze 136-144 bpm, other 144 bpm)

Bolero (bronze 96-104 bpm, other 96 bpm)

Mambo (bronze 192-204 bpm, other 188 bpm)

International Latin

Chacha (124 bpm)

Samba (100 bpm)

Rumba (104 bpm)

Paso Doble (120-124 bpm)

Jive (176 bpm)